The League of Communists in Britain was formed on 30th November 2011 and is a political organisation of the modern non-authoritarian Left, dedicated to grassroots political activity and practical solidarity. We are an inclusive, broad and non-sectarian platform and we include anarchists, communists, socialists and environmentalists in our affiliates. We work in solidarity with the broad anti-austerity and social justice movements across Europe and aim to help build a radical movement of the left in Britain.

We work to defend human rights and democracy, provide humanitarian assistance and support those in struggle. Our members are active in trade unions such as PCS, Unite and the NUT, and campaigning groups such as refugee support organisations and the anti-cuts movement.

We believe in a radical politics which is decentralised and broad; we do not have a structure of committees or branches and we have no conditions of affiliation or payment of dues. Instead our emphasis is on practical political work, and not on party building. Affiliation is open to anyone, regardless of membership of other organisations, who agrees with our core mission statement and signs our equalities disclaimer. Affiliation costs 1 per month.

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